Hantai's New Plan for 2020 2020-02-17 09:10:27

Hello everyone, hope you enjoyed your new year’s holiday. We, Hantai, sincerely appreciate your continued support to us in the past and hope to have closer partnership with you in year 2020. Best wishes to you and your families for health and happiness throughout the year.

New Year, New Beginning. Since established in 2009, Hantai has entered another decade in 2020. Today, I would like to take this opportunity to share our new plan for 2020 with you, our esteemed business partners.

#1. New Production Machines

To speed up our production and guarantee a shorter lead time, we plan to update and replace the current production machines with new ones step by step in 2020, especially for the fire sleeve.

Besides, to enlarge our product range, we have already set up some new machines at our new plant. Running test of the new machines has been done and all of them can come into service after the CNY holiday in February.

#2. New Products

After launching the new product ---- Firesleeve Priority grade (also called industrial pyrojacket) last year, we will launch another two new products this year:

1. Knitted Fiberglass Rope / Thermo E-glass Knitted Rope, sizes available from Ø1mm to Ø50mm, with or without core optionally. It can be dyed in black color as per your request.

2. Tiny Sleeving with the smallest diameter of 1.5mm. We succeed to offer sleevings from Ø1.5mm to Ø150mm to meet different market demands.

#3. Optimizing Workshop for Insulation Shields

During the past years, our workshop for Insulation Shields has been grown from a small room to a big site. It will be optimized with more machines and better organization in 2020, as our business grows. Our Insulation Shields are custom fabricated for purposes of thermal insulation, noise insulation, molten splash protection, etc. as per customers’ requirement. They can protect the hose, cables, turbo, engine or others well even in the most demanding working condition.

#4. Exhibitions in 2020

Each year, we go abroad to meet our customers and attend the exhibitions. In 2020, we plan to attend several international and domestic exhibitions, covering the industries of Thermal Insulation, Hydraulic, Automotive, Mining, and so on. Please keep an eye on our timely invitation for each fair. We are looking forward to meeting with you face to face at our booth then.

#5. Promotional Gifts

Do you like the gifts? They are our designed gifts for our 10th Anniversary to our customers, especially our regular customers.

From year 2020, we will keep launching various gifts. If you are interested in any of them, please feel free to contact us. If you have more ideas, we will highly appreciate you sharing with us.

We are honored to keep in touch with you all. In 2020, Hantai will keep offering the thermal insulation products with consistent quality and moderate prices to you. Hope our year 2020 will be even more fruitful and prosperous.

Produtos quentes
  • De Alta Sílica Revestido De Tecido De Fibra De Vidro

    Sílica De Tecido De Fibra De

    HANTAI Sílica Tecido é feita de alta performance tecido de fibra de vidro impregnado com suspensão de emulsão.

  • Linha De Filamento Contínuo De Trançado De Fibra De Basalto Mangas

    Basalto De Fibra Trançada Manga

    Basalto de Fibra Trançada Luva é altamente adaptável manga que proporciona excelente proteção térmica do motor e do gerador de tubagem de escape para automóveis, motores marítimos, geradores, ônibus, equipamentos para construção e mineração.

  • Nylon Resistir À Abrasão De Proteção Do Cabo Sleeving

    Manga De Nylon

    HANTAI resistente à abrasão Manga de Nylon protege mangueiras, linhas, cabos e fios do ambiente hostil e proteger os trabalhadores de uma mangueira hidráulica de óleo de vazamento ou derramamento.

  • O Projeto Do Cliente Calefator De Faixa Revestimento Isolante

    Hantai De Alta Temperatura-Isolação Térmica De Revestimento Para Isolamento Térmico

    Sacos plásticos e caixa de papelão para o projeto do cliente banda aquecedor de revestimento isolante fábrica

  • Borracha de Silicone Revestido com Tecido de Fibra de vidro utilizado como electrial material isolante

    De Silicone Revestido Com Tecido De Fibra De Vidro

    Borracha De Silicone, Fibra De Vidro, Tecido é projetado para lançar fundido inicial, pesado respingos de solda e ocasionais chama.

  • Resistente ao calor, Impermeável Auto-adesiva de Borracha de Silicone de Fusão Fita

    Borracha De Silicone Auto-Fusão De Fita

    Borracha De Silicone, Fita Auto-Adesiva está apto para associações de extremidades dos cabos de não mais de 10KV e o tie-in do selo para cabos de comunicação

  • Fogo manga atacado

    Firesleeve, Prioridade

    Classe Industrial fogo manga; R esistant para de alta temperatura, calor, chama, fogo & derretido salpicos.

  • Fogo manga atacado

    Firesleeve, Padrão

    Trançado de fogo manga R esistant para de alta temperatura, calor, chama, fogo & derretido salpicos.


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